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By May 14, 2018 24 Comments

Stepping out in faith sounds easy, but it means leaving our comfort zone to face our deepest fears. When the circumstances are dictating that there is little optimism to go around, Faith screams the opposite. I hope the following journey I am going to share with you encourages you to follow your dreams and step out in faith when faced with comfort zones that don’t require it.

I once worked at a call centre company as a student. It was great and I loved the fact that I was making a minimum of R5000 per month, which was a lot at that time 😀 Being comfortable with the environment I was in, another part of me was yearning for studio. Writing and releasing music was in my heart, so to focus on that, including my studies, I ended up leaving the call centre. Immediately after taking the bold step my music career started flourishing but I wasn’t happy. I was so frustrated and I couldn’t pin point what was the cause. Until I realised that I was just doing music because of talent and it had been a dream ever since I was 12. My relationship with God was getting better and I felt God was calling me into something bigger than just doing music for the fun of it. So I decided to leave the music industry so I can gain perfective with what God wants me to do with my life. During this time while serving at my local church, it allowed me to grow spiritually, vocally and as an individual alongside amazing people who’ve shaped me to become the best version of myself. However, while being in church there were moments I asked God if I was ready to go back to the industry although He was still working on my heart and character.

In 2014 I got a job at a bank which I really liked and was good at. There’s actually awards to prove that I was one of the best performing employees. Ironically I still felt like I was trapped. My creativity process was being compromised which I didn’t like! So I started asking God to open the right doors for me to do music and ministry full time. Being a God who answers prayers, guess what? He answered mine. He asked me to quit my job, and I was like, “Well I can leave my job but how am I going to support myself?” God was calling me to step out in faith and just fully trust in what He was doing and I can tell you now that I am living my best life. There’s nothing more faith building than waking up everyday trusting in God to open the next door for you. Its an exciting journey that a paycheque can’t buy. I left my job last month and God is already showing off just because of my one step of obedience.

If you want to build confidence, stepping out in faith will do it. Trust God to encourage you and to use situations in your life for good. The Bible said in Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” Sometimes God’s plans make us nervous! Yet, we can have the confidence that we are following His plan and that we have nothing to fear. You will fail sometimes and that is okay. This will make you stronger and give you the ability to overcome obstacles.


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  • Awesome post Denga, I’m finding this inspirational and very useful as a growing person.

  • Ruan says:

    My man. You are such an inspiration. Never look back. Great things are heading your way !

    • Denga says:

      Thank you so much buddy! I’m also looking forward to our studio session. Can’t wait to work with you 🙂

  • Lerato says:

    I’m so proud of you my friend. I cannot wait to see what God plans to do in this season. I love your obedience.

  • Pfano says:

    Dude, I remember when we were young and you kept going on and on about becoming an artist. Well done bro. KEEP GOING

  • Mpho says:

    Wow… I needed this! Amazing & powerful. To God be the glory!

  • Precious says:

    How do I subscribe? Your content is great!

  • Li says:

    Wow! I love this post! I have a similar story, gonna share on my blog! Thank you for sharing D! ★★☆

  • Tondi Rambani says:

    This is such a great story of trusting in God! I’ve seen you in all these seasons and it’s amazing to see how God has transformed you into the great man of God that you are. This is encouraging bro. The best is here and it is yet to come!

    • Denga says:

      Thank you so much bro. Thank you for being there in all seasons and for just being my BEST FRIEND! Love you buddy! 🙂

  • Matt says:

    Bro! I am emotional right now! I’ve been following your journey and it’s such a story of faith and obedience! I pray God gives you more opportunities. Love, Matt😥♥️🙏🙌🏾🎉

  • John says:

    Brother! Thanks for sharing your story. I am from Zimbabwe and I can’t wait to see you lead worship at Stadium Worship! God bless and see you soon🇿🇼

  • MJ Coyote says:

    Awesome dude… I’m in the exact same space. After 7 years employed by the church as a Youth & Worship Pastor & Creative Director, last year I felt God call me to step out of my comfort zone. I’m in marketing now and its been the most rewarding thing I’ve experienced in a while! I’m a teacher by trade and so I have 0% experience or qualification in marketing but God was very clear in November that he is calling me into something I’m not qualified to do – and, in the meantime, preparing me to transition from training on worship, training other vocalists, teaching other guitarists and pianists who have flourished in their skill, to being positioned to walk into a deeper expression of my worship. 11 years worth of songs which not many people have heard cause I don’t have the courage to be that vulnerable, and God’s been saying “the time is now”

  • Adelaide Erasmus says:

    My brother you are surely a man of faith and obedience. A great and amazing inspiration to all. Keep on staying faithfull to your heavenly Father, He will surely take you places you’ve never dreamed of. The way you’ve lead us in worshipping was awesome experiences. You have a heart for worship. So did David. Just keep on going, keep on focusing on God. Be Gods mouthpiece in the entertainment world. Uncommon doors will open for you brother D.

    Sis Adelaide
    Hillsong Church-Centurion

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