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Always Song Story

By February 7, 2018 No Comments

Always was actually written 4 years ago. While going through a tough time I neglected the song but I knew I had to revisit it. I never really found the time to finish writing it, until recently when I lost 3 very important people in my life within a span of 2 years, one of them being my father. He was always encouraging when it came to my song writing and music. Even with this having happened, I’ve seen God’s grace and hand in my life.

There were times I thought I could never get over the pain, but it’s amazing how God would give me the strength to keep going. I guess that’s the thing about God, he’s always there in the pain even if we don’t feel it. So I finished writing the song to encourage someone who might be going through a tough time and that even though we sometimes neglect Him, to be reminded He’s always there and we should always choose His ways no matter what. I pray that this song encourages you to navigate through seasons you may find yourself in, good or bad.

You can download my song Always for free here on the website. How cool is that!? Visit the music page to get it! Be blessed😊


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